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My granddaughter will be four years old next month. She is excited about that. “I’m almost four, Grandma. And then I’m going to be five!” I’ll soon be sixty-four. Does that excite me? Hmm. Not so much. Age, however, is … Continue reading

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Baby Stepping

On a recent visit to my daughter and son-in-law’s home, I had the opportunity to go to the pool with them and their children, ages two and “almost four.” It was fun to see how they’d progressed in their skills … Continue reading

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Church Garage Sale

Can outreach, evangelism, and encouragement happen at a garage sale? Ask the members of Bethel Ridge Church and they will say, “Yes!” Our church garage sale, even though it’s a fundraiser, is also an outreach to our community. Some people … Continue reading

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What’s My Passion?

What’s My Passion? Kenny Chesney, country mega-star, recently took a year off from touring and performing on stage. In an interview with “Parade” magazine he tells why: “I felt I had lost my center…I was standing onstage and I felt … Continue reading

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Chocolate Rules! Or Does It?

August 9, 2010 I’m a life-long chocolate lover. But am I a bona fide chocoholic? No doubt my husband and kids would say “yes.” Ice cream was a big treat when I was growing up. We all had our favorite … Continue reading

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Golf and Writing

August 7, 2010 I don’t usually read the sports page of our daily paper, but occasionally something will grab my attention. The words, “fade, draw when you want to” were listed under a golfing photo. Curious, I read the article … Continue reading

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Montrose Christian Writers Conference 2010

August 6, 2010 In the foothills of the Endless Mountains lies the small peaceful city of Montrose, Pennsylvania. The beautiful setting and the quaintness of the city are only part of what attracts me; my primary interest, Montrose Bible Conference, … Continue reading

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