May The Small Fry Win!

Although I’m vertically challenged, I’ve never minded my size—with the exception of reaching things on tall shelves, at home or at the grocery store. I’ve been known to step on the bottom shelf at the store when no help is in sight.

I’m comfortable with small; it’s more manageable and feels safer to me. I dislike large crowds and feel lost in big stores, preferring to see from one end to the other easily. We live in a small city and attend a small church.

I think I’m in good company, since Jesus seemed to prefer smaller intimate settings as well. Although he often spoke to big crowds, he invested most of his time in small groups, especially his twelve disciples. He gathered the children to him when his disciples tried to shoo them away, and he sought out the “wee little man,” Zaccheus, who climbed a tree to see Jesus over the crowd.

My husband and I are nearing the end of a year-long remodeling project in our home, specifically the kitchen and dining room. To save money, we’ve done most of the work ourselves with the help of our son.

We purchased windows, flooring, and appliances through a large corporation at discounted prices. I’ve been uncomfortable with that at times. The city we live in encourages residents to buy locally; generally speaking we support that theory, but it’s often difficult to stretch our budget to accommodate our desire.

The last big item we needed to purchase was our countertops. We got bids from the corporation we bought from previously, and also from a local cabinetry shop. I liked the local guy from the start and hoped we could do business with him.

Through a lengthy process (including changing my mind about product a couple of times), we decided the local store was just too high. When we told the owner our decision, he replied, “The Wal-Mart’s of the world win again.”

That nagged at me all day, so we decided to negotiate a bit more. To my relief, we were able to come to an agreement.

This last hurdle almost did me in emotionally; I’ve lost my patience with our project. But at least it’s been confirmed again in my mind that bigger is not necessarily better. “Wal-Mart” doesn’t always have to win.

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2 Responses to May The Small Fry Win!

  1. Mark says:

    I found it! I like the “Little Guy” but often find myself at the area “Big Box” stores. I guess I’m a little too pragmatic.

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