Red Light Flashing

A flashing light attracts attention, especially if it’s red. We know it as a warning sign. A flashing red traffic light tells us to stop and then proceed with caution. I groan when I see this at a busy intersection. It confuses people who rely on the changing colors to know when it’s their turn to cross safely.

I’ve learned that a flashing red light on my wireless monitor means my computer won’t let me access the Internet. Recently, the computer that was hooked to our church projector had a flashing red light. Because of that, the words for our worship songs couldn’t be projected onto the front wall and we had to quickly distribute the praise books to the congregation.

The guest speaker made an analogy to our spiritual life with the computer’s malfunction. Sin causes a “disconnect” in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. We are born with an internal warning system—our conscience. “They demonstrate in their heart that God’s law is written within them, for their own consciences either accuse them or tell them they are doing what is right.” Romans 2:15 (NLT)

When we are tempted to sin, the Holy Spirit whispers to us, “beware.” Depending on the type of temptation and our individual desires, we sometimes choose to ignore this red light. Just as ignoring a flashing traffic light can bring physical injury if we’re involved in an accident, not listening to God’s warnings can be hazardous to our spiritual health. The consequence for either offense can be life altering.

Even though flashing lights can irritate us or make us nervous, wisdom dictates that we heed their warning.

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