Snow Globe Memories

I’m still “coming down” from Christmas and time spent with our daughter’s family, including two wonderful grandchildren. Was it a peaceful time? That depends on how you define peace! Although outwardly it’s not peaceful when surrounded by two active children, I enjoyed an inner peace of having my loved ones home for a few days.

One afternoon while her younger brother slept, Mirana and I decorated and baked rolled out sugar cookies. It was hard to contain her excitement at shaking the red and green sugar and colored sprinkles on top (and over the edges) of the otherwise plain white cookies, a precious memory for Grandma in spite of the mess.

The children had fun making snow angels in the newly fallen snow and throwing snowballs at Daddy. Mommy and Daddy also took them ice-skating at a local indoor rink for another first in their lives.

Opening gifts with a two and a half and a four year old was anything but peaceful. The excitement in the air was palpable and almost uncontainable. At last they were given permission to tear open the colorfully wrapped gifts under the tree. It was a little like opening the corral gate to let the herd out of confinement for open pasture and the opportunity to kick up their heels.

The joy on their little faces was hard to capture in a photo, but Daddy had his video camera running. My grandson, Iskandar, hugged each gift to his chest for perhaps 15-20 seconds before abandoning it for the next present.

Hilarious laughter erupted when he donned his thigh-high colorful Mickey Mouse Christmas stockings and danced around on his tippy-toes, twirling in circles like a ballerina. Perhaps he’s watched too many princess and Cinderella movies with his big sister?

With the gifts finally opened and his energy spent, he fell asleep shortly after being tucked in bed, still wearing his Christmas stockings.

One of the gifts the children received was a snow globe with a snowman inside. They loved to shake it and see the snow whirling around. My memories of their visit are similar to a snow globe that I can shake and recall at will—with the sounds of their young voices drifting through my mind.

Times of dissension and discipline also occurred causing some grief and discord in our days. But that is like our daily lives. Forgiveness and peace follow these times and the harmony of loving relationships reinstates itself.

These thoughts on peace close out the devotional book, “Jesus Calling,” that I’ve been reading this past year. “Peace is still our greatest need. The Prince of Peace, our Savior, longs to pour himself into our neediness. His abundance and our emptiness are a perfect match. When Jesus left our world to return to his Father, he left us with the gift of peace and his presence within us.”

His followers had their own snow globe of memories to shake at will, memories we can access because they are recorded in Scripture. In John 14:27 (NLT) Jesus said, “I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give isn’t the peace the world gives. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”

Happy New Year and God’s Peace!

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