Navigational Tools for Travel–and Life

I am directionally challenged—so is my sister, Char. We’ve lost our car in the parking lot before, plus other misadventures. So this past weekend when we set out to attend a marriage seminar for women, we were armed with directions from Mapquest and Char’s GPS. We couldn’t go wrong.

Our first stop wasn’t at the church or the motel we booked for the evening preceding the event, but a large outlet mall. We trusted the old fashioned method of posted road signs to direct us to the mall.

We enjoyed browsing at a kitchen store filled with all sorts of interesting gadgets. We purchased a few things to update our kitchens and headed back to the car. Our next stop was the motel—we wanted to get there before it got too dark to find our way easily. Char put the address into her GPS and off we went. But the directions were totally different from my printed set. Even though we thought it probably was directing us down a less familiar road closer to our motel, we didn’t totally trust her system.

So we doubled back to the main highway and followed my directions, hoping they would lead us more quickly to our destination. We managed to take one or two wrong turns before spotting the large motel sign. It directed us to a frontage road where the motel was positioned behind another business. We meandered around a bit and finally found the parking lot.

After unloading the car and checking into our room, we headed back to the beautiful lobby for a much needed cup of coffee and some yummy chocolate chip cookies. Aah, now we could relax for a bit and enjoy the warm fireplace. We chatted with the motel clerk and asked her for dinner recommendations. We relied on her directions to get there and she did not lead us astray. We enjoyed a wonderful meal and found our way back to the motel with no problem.

The next morning I asked another motel employee if she knew the location of the church we wanted. Instead of going with our printed directions or our mobile device, we trusted the directions of a local person. Even with the morning fog, we located the church just in time for the morning event.

After the seminar Char set her GPS again. This time we trusted its directions, along with our previously gained knowledge of the area, to get us safely home. Just about the only kind of directional aid we didn’t use for our little excursion was a traditional road map.

Sometimes our journey through life is even more complex, with many twists and turns, including a few wrong turns. We fall back on our own previous experiences, the advice of trusted individuals, or even people we don’t know to give us direction. But God has given us an effective road map in the Bible, and our own inner GPS, his Holy Spirit, to guide us. Sometimes, though, we second guess God and don’t trust his directions, just as Char and I didn’t totally trust her GPS. But really, what better place to start than with our Heavenly Father, to ensure our safe arrival at our Heavenly home?

“Your Word is a lamp for my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105 (NLT)


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