What a guy—handsome, well built, intelligent, well educated, wise—an all-around great catch! Not only that, he loved and served God, even when he was threatened with death for his faith, and his habit of praying three times a day. I’m talking, of course, about Daniel from the Bible.

Daniel gives us a reason to hope in the midst of dire circumstances. He was taken captive as a young man by a foreign king; after proving himself, he was elevated to serve as one of the king’s most trusted advisors. What a great opportunity!

Daniel stood the test of time and fierce trials. Through it all, he remained a faithful witness, through his life and his words, to the one true God. The king saw for himself the power of an awesome God, who is able to change hearts, lives, and history.

Daniel is just one of the many examples in the Bible who impacted history through his faithfulness. Many of us learned a song about him in Sunday school. These words have been running through my mind throughout our weekly Bible study of this historic Biblical character. “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone, dare to have a purpose firm, dare to make Him known.”

This makes me wonder about God’s purpose for this season of my life. My kids are grown and busy with their own lives. My grandchildren are too far away to spend much time with. My husband still works full-time, but I’m semi-retired. I’ve chosen to scale back on my church and community involvement, because I don’t want to be busy, just be busy. Mostly I’m content, but at times I’m restless and bored. I’m not ready to be “put out to pasture,” but I’m not sure where God wants me to direct my energy.

I doubt my life will change the course of world events, but I know God wants to use me to impact other peoples’ lives. Just as Daniel was faithful to his God, even under adverse circumstances, I want to be faithful in serving God in whatever direction He leads me.

I’ve been encouraged by my study of Daniel, and God’s faithfulness and power revealed through him. Daniel is a book of hope.

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