Thoughts on Easter

Since this is Holy Week, I’d like to share a couple of things I wrote when contemplating the events of that long ago time. The first is written from the perspective of Jesus’ disciples, entitled When Hope Dies. The second is a reminder to Remember the Cross.

When Hope Dies

All hope died for Christ’s disciples when he was crucified. They became fearful and their hearts were filled with grief at the awful turn of events. How could their Master, so strong and courageous in previous days, now be hanging helplessly upon a tree? Doubt and despair hung heavy in the air as they witnessed the gruesome sight.

Their glorious dreams and expectations lay shattered at their feet. Feeling as broken as Christ himself, they slowly headed home to try and sort out the pieces. How can life go on when the Light of the world is snuffed out?

They didn’t understand that while Christ’s body rested in the ground, a miracle was happening. The bonds of sin that enslaved them were snapped and thrown aside. With Christ’s death and resurrection, the enemy was defeated.

The disciples’ despair turned to joy when Jesus later stood among them. “Jesus is the Messiah,” they cried, “we were not deceived! Our Savior had to die to rescue us from Satan’s greedy grasp. Now we can be victorious and not live in helpless defeat.”

Jesus is our constant hope, no matter what life may bring. When all else fails, he is still faithful to help us and to guide us. When hope flickers and threatens to die, lift your eyes heavenward and remember the cross.

Remember the Cross

Christ is the Redeemer who atoned for our sins, granting us forgiveness and giving peace within. We see our sinfulness and try to make amends; Jesus said, “I died for you, on me you can depend.”

In agony and sorrow, Jesus paid the price. He cleansed us with his blood, his gracious sacrifice.

Focus on the Savior when your hope seems dim. Remember the cross and walk triumphantly with him.

Wishing you a Blessed Easter.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Easter

  1. Vie says:

    Nice, Marilyn. I needed to read this. Blessed Holy Week!

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