All God’s Children

I witnessed a tender scene this morning while waiting for the traffic light to change. As a young couple waited to walk across the street, the man reached his arm out and gave his sweetie a quick hug. Then he playfully slapped his glove at her. She responded by lightly slapping his arm. Soon the light changed and we all went on our way.
I know the woman from the work-out facility I attend. She lives in a group home and although she’s partially disabled, she strives to do her best. Occasionally she talks about her boyfriend and how much he likes her, so it was fun for me to witness his affection, unbeknownst to her.
My youngest brother has Down syndrome and he was always a happy, loving child. He too talked about his girlfriends at the group home where he lived.
We tend to think love and romance are for “normal” people and don’t attribute the same emotions to those who are developmentally challenged. Yet, perhaps their capacity to love is heightened by their lack in other areas. Their focus is probably less distracted too by the busyness of life.
I’m glad I had a glimpse into the life of my acquaintance from Curves, not just to tease her when I see her again, but as a gentle reminder that God created all of us and He loves us deeply. All are special to Him.

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6 Responses to All God’s Children

  1. Vie says:

    Touched my heart.

    • mnaseth says:

      Thanks for your comment, Vie. I know you have a sister with special needs too. Sadly, my brother Jon has progressive dementia and has slipped a lot in the past year or two. It’s so hard to watch, especially for my sister, Kris, who is his guardian and spends the most time with him.

      Today is my last remaining uncle’s funeral. That leaves only his wife from my mother’s generation in our family. Seems strange that we are now the older generation!

      I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family or friends. It’s the one day I enjoy cooking! So my sister-in-law, Andrew, Michele, and maybe some of her family will be here.

      I miss my grandkids but boy was I exhausted after two weeks of constant activity! I don’t miss the bickering that children do–it brought back many memories, both of my own childhood and my kids. Won’t it be great when we get to Heaven and no one will be jealous or competitive with each other?!

      Hope your vertigo is much better–such nasty stuff.

      Blessings, Marilyn

  2. Vie says:

    This really touched my heart.

  3. Vie says:

    And I really need to learn how to post comments! LOL, I didn’t think it posted, so I rewrote and posted again. AAUGH. Sorry!

  4. Ronda Naseth says:

    What a sweet observation. It might have gone unnoticed by many, but you took it in and made it something we could all share in.

  5. mnaseth says:

    Thanks for your encouragement to keep writing, Ronda!

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