Healing Wounds

Recently I cut myself on some jagged metal; it was a small, deep cut. I cleansed it, applied ointment, followed by a bandage. At first the wound was extremely sensitive and I carefully protected it. As it healed it began to itch forming layers of dead skin. I picked at the layers exposing new pink skin. Although the wound was healed, it was still tender to the touch.

The steps to healing a wounded spirit are similar.  To cleanse the wound an apology may be needed, some sin confessed, or a talk with the person who hurt us to gain more understanding. Giving the wound time to heal is essential; if we continue to pick at it, it will not heal properly.

Communicating with God will give insight into the issue. God can help us understand the other person better and soften the hurt or anger in our heart. Proverbs 16:6 says: “Unfailing love and faithfulness cover sin.” It’s hard to feel loving when you’re angry with someone. Yet I know from personal experience that love is the answer to relationship issues. As I’ve confessed my lack of love, God has slowly healed the wound enabling me to forgive that person and let go of my anger and my “rights.” Part of love may call for accountability for the offense or in setting boundaries with that individual. As we pray, God will give wisdom to know what’s necessary.

Love is never a wrong response–letting God change our hearts, even as we confess our own lack of love.

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2 Responses to Healing Wounds

  1. Vie H. says:

    Great post, Elvera!

  2. mnaseth says:

    Thanks, Violet! My first draft was over 400 words–then I reviewed my notes from Susan King’s class from Montrose and got rid of almost 200 words. Guess I learned something this summer!

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