It Is Finished


I recently created and completed a quilted wall hanging of a cross. My mind envisioned a stained glass window with sunlight emanating through and around the cross at the center.

Since I’m fairly new to the quilting world, this was an ambitious project for me. I had great fun choosing my colors. My math skills leave a lot to be desired, so I kept my pattern simple. Still, I did a lot of reconfiguring of my pieces as I went along.

The wall hanging is not perfect by any means, but the colors are pleasing to my eye and it adds a warming effect to the cedar wood wall where it hangs.

Most importantly, it is a visual reminder of my faith which centers on Christ’s sacrifice for me. He completed the work of redemption on Calvary’s cross.

My subconscious mind hasn’t quite let go of my project, and I was still trying to complete it in my sleep. My conscious mind kept breaking through with the message: “it’s finished—you completed your wall-hanging. Stop worrying about it and just enjoy the end result.”

Perhaps the Lord was sending me a message through my dream—to renew my soul during this Lenten season and focus my thoughts on the cross, his finished work, and move forward into the light.

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